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Of me, as an author, the things are simple: TENTORIA is my first published book and I promise not to be the last.

I like to communicate, to tell stories, I like words, action movies thrilling plots, adventure and science fiction, and I love everything about technology, having even a greater passion for emerging technologies.

When and how did I take up writing?

After lots of sleepless nights trying without success to answer questions like where mankind is heading? How we really came into being? How large is the universe? Who or what lies behind the rules governing our existence? What is the soul? What is life? etc., I started writing down all sorts of ideas and possible theoretical scenarios. As I’ve always liked movies and been an emerging technologies freak, and sometimes finding links to what I was writing, I told myself it would be interesting to set aside some of my ideas for an enticing story easy to be read.

That’s how "Tentoria" came to light and, leaving aside the ideas behind the story, I hope it is an absorbing narrative who will keep you glued to it up to the end.

About me, from another perspective: I grew up in Bucharest, and now I live in Brussels; I graduated in economics and my professional life always revolved around technology. Lately, I got passionate about the artificial intelligence domain.

Maybe years later, when trying to write another biography, I will talk about more books. But now is simple, this is me: a debutant author nurturing a beautiful ambition on his first book, hoping to succeed in convincing thousands of readers the novel he penned is worth reading.

Thank you for being one of them!

Sorin Banu


Sorin Banu
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