A book bursting with suspense and imagination!

I went breathless reading this book. It’s a well written thriller. It was hard to put it aside. It set my mind in "motion" and shaped an utterly unexpected vision over what our not too far future might look like. The thought I was left with was to see it made into a movie, by all means waiting for a second volume!

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"Tentoria" is the novel having me changing my mind for understanding that science fiction meant not only a bursting imagination but also the attempt to provide answers to the great questions of mankind, and implicitly of each of us. The parallel worlds brought to life by this genre revealed to myself as theoretically possible and laden with implications. And such a world is depicted in "Tentoria", a gloomy future of Earth, the outcome of the accelerated "evolution" we live through in the present.

— Cristina Lincu —

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